Free Pride Flag Palettes for Adobe Illustrator

As part of setting up our branding for Silly Serious Photography Company (a studio with an activist focus on the LGBTQA+ and other marginalized communities), we wanted to be sure that we were using consistent colors on our materials related to LGBTQA+ issues and photography. To that end, James made these color swatches for the major pride flags for Adobe Illustrator (a zipped .ase file), and we wanted to make these available to everyone for free. Click here, or on the image above, to download the file.

About Our Studio, and the Services We Offer

At Silly Serious Photography Company, we have an intentional, mindful approach to our photography that we hope comes out clearly in our images. As a studio new to Gresham, OR (and Portland in general), we want share that approach with as many people as we can. In the video below, James sits down and talks about our photographic philosophy, a little bit about our activism mindset, and the photographic services we offer.

Lingerie Ideas for Your Photo Shoot

Whether it is a beautiful boudoir session, a naughty erotic shoot, or just the right bit of lingerie as outwear, we at Silly Serious are definitely fans of lingerie. And while there is something timelessly classic and incredibly sensual about a shot wearing a comfortable t-shirt and a good pair of panties, the right piece or ensemble of lingerie can completely change the sophistication, beauty, and sexiness of a shoot.

We’ve collected a large range of styled looks, beautiful sets, incredible pieces, and a bunch of tips, types, and trends into the attached Pinterest mood board. Scroll through to get an idea of what we’ve collected, or click to find the pins organized into neat categories and collections.